First Trade Days started with the idea to create a place to showcase and promote the work of local and small run, independent makers. A place to provide local and ethical shopping to the quality conscious shopper. Each product in the shop has an honest provenance and a functional design – classic items that are made to last and are not part of the throwaway nature of the world, items that make for more sustainable and ethical choices.

As the majority of pieces in the shop are made locally here in Scotland the buyer can help small businesses grow whilst shopping ethically, allowing us to support non-corporate individuals and makers. Every item in the shop has been carefully selected for its quality craftsmanship and honest, handmade uniqueness, making them a joy to own and use.

We aim to support responsible consumerism, one in which a more long lasting approach of making is valued over our mass, throwaway culture. The idea of buy less, buy better, buy to last. These pieces and their production is sustainable, durable and ethical. We want the products to age well and to be a pleasure to have as a part of your everyday life.


The first flea markets were places for the local farmers to gather to sell and barter their produce and livestock to the local community. A place of neighbourhood gatherings where folk could catch up with each other and exchange their wares. One of these first markets was held in Canton, Texas from the 1850’s and is still going strong to this very day, their trading days traditionally being the first Monday of every month. Having been brought up for a number of years in Houston, Texas and still having an aesthetic that is influenced by the big skies and plains of that state it seemed only fitting to find a name that tied together the idea of selling home made and local produce with my time in the USA. And so First Trade Days it was.


Each of the makers we stock in the shop and online have been carefully chosen to embody this ethos of carefully crafted, small run, ethical design. We want to support these individuals in honing their craft and creating products that will enhance our homes and lives. Each of these individuals and small businesses share our need to provide a platform for ethical consumerism and responsible living. The vintage pieces are chosen for exactly the same purposes – for their proven longevity, beautiful and functional design and ability to sit perfectly in the modern home.

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